Natural Bamboo Made Multi Desk Holder To Keep Pen, Pencil, Document, Marker

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This multi-desk holder will add a professional look to your workspace. It can be used in horizontal and vertical mode. In horizontal mode, can keep business/ bank cards and other things like pen, pencil, document etc., In vertical mode (stand) holds pen, pencil, marker etc.,

Diameter: 2.5 Inches

Length: 10 Inches

Material: Bamboo, Plywood (base)

Contains: 1 Unit 

Shape: Circle

Cleaning: All natural items need to be cleaned with lukewarm water / natural water like lemon water but no chemical products. Always keep the product in ventilation and in case if you don't use it for a long time please make sure keep at moist less place or use silica gel packet near the place.

Note* As these are handmade natural products, may expect cracks in some items but it is part of making/ temperature variations but not a  defect.