Frequently Asked Questions

Content Credits - Maya Vishwakarma, Harish Edamadaka, Sathyasree Rajeeth


What is Animal Mark?
ANIMAL MARK is a social enterprise model and online store, where we sell animal cruelty-free and vegan products/ services, we empower organizations/ Individuals who are working towards animal welfare/rights, we collaborate with the organizations/ Individuals who make animal cruelty free products and strongly believe in animal welfare/ rights.

Why we have to purchase from ANIMAL MARK store?
Animal MARK is a social enterprise model, where our focus is to uplift the Animal Welfare and Rights and also improve environmental issues along with the profit generation. We offer only products/services which are vegan, animal cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

To whom we need to contact, in case of if we have any query related to store?
Feel free to WhatsApp on +91 79939 12345 or reach us by filling contact form on the website. We will respond at the earliest.


Who will benefit from empowerment program?

AM empowerment program supports individuals/ NGOs that work towards animal welfare and rights.

Why this initiative?

-          Focus on animal welfare and rights is limited and so are the resources supporting this cause

-          Protecting animals and their needs result in a positive impact on the environment and thus help mankind.

-          To motivate more individuals/NGOs to concentrate on this cause.

-          To create effective networking among the individuals/NGOs who work for this cause

-       We are not only conquering but also exploiting their natural habitat at an alarming rate. Having said that, it becomes our responsibility to protect them      

To whom we request include individuals/ NGOs who working for animal welfare and rights into their CSR program?

Most organizations focus on human rights and environmental issues. What’s more important is to realize that animals are an integral part of the system and protecting them makes a constructive difference in the eco-life balance. We request enterprises to support these individuals/ NGOs who work towards animal welfare and rights as part of their CSR program.

What are the type of empowerment activities we do?

We have an annual empowerment activity, once a year in October. We also host year-round activities to contribute to a continuous impact. This is dedicated exclusively to selected individuals/NGOs who work for animal welfare and rights.

What does the program offer?

We offer donations to selected individuals/ NGOs in various kinds depending on the requirement. The support value varies depending on ANIMAL MARK sales and also the number of people/ enterprises collaborating in the program.

How to nominate?

Click here to send your nominations.

 What support does Animal Mark need from you?

Being a social enterprise project, our focus is to educate and urge people to shift to an eco-friendly and cruelty-free lifestyle. We ask you to explore our online store and promote sustainable shopping by recommending it to your circles as well. You can also reach out to us for direct donations to support the NGOs/ individuals who will be a part of this program. This will help in better inflow that then helps in supporting bigger empowerment programs through our organization.