Enterprise Collaboration

We collaborate with the business vendors who manufacture or deals with the products which are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan. For any collaboration, please reach out us at contact@animalmark.com or call us at +91 7993912345.


Please follow the below points to happen smooth shopping on our store while you still purchase products from our collaborated vendor. We do lot of ground work before we chose our collaboration partners.

  1. It is easy to identify which product is belongs to collaborated business partners and animal mark. Product belongs to outside vendor, If you see any product description starts with COLLABORATED PARTNER else it belongs to ANIMAL MARK.
  2. You will receive more than 2 different packets and same number of tracking numbers when you purchase multiple products which are belongs to ANIMAL MARK and COLLABORATED PARTNER products.
  3. We try always to give the best quality products through our collaborated partners and with eco-friendly packaging.
  4. We encourage customers to understand and respect the services offering by our collaborated partners.
  5. For any concerns,you are always encouraged to reach ANIMAL MARK freely to resolve them in a much best possible way but not our collaborated partners.

Last updated - 02032020