Content Credits - Harish Edamadaka, Sathyasree Rajeeth

To empower is to expand beyond horizons. Being true with a sense of individuality is very important. For that individual to grow, they must be given the freedom to make informed decisions. This liberty not only helps them grow as a person but also helps in the overall growth of a society. This gives a strong sense of purpose that makes one go further – keeping their self-interests and personal motive aside. Thus helping to contribute to greater deeds.

Empowering an individual's/ NGOs is equal to that of empowering a society. For a better world, we all need to have people who take responsibility and accountability seriously. Being humans, we take the supremacy over other beings on this planet. Instead of taking a higher stand in helping, we often tend to misuse and take ownership of things. We forget the fact that we are all interdependent and that we have to help in uplifting and protecting other beings on this planet.

We at Animal Mark believe that empowering individuals/ NGOs who work for animal welfare and rights helps in balancing the ecosystem. This inspires others to be a part of such a noble cause. It creates a network that binds them together that helps achieve a common goal proficiently.

As a social enterprise, we feel responsible to help individuals/ NGOs that work for such a cause. As more organizations initiate empowerment programs we will reach a point where an individual/ NGO feels responsible to support each other.

In the name of development, we all disconnect ourselves from natural elements, which in turn affects humans and the environment. Today there are many challenges in our community, which puts a barrier in doing these welfare activities. Caring for animal wefare and rights, solve the biggest challenges on our planet like Poverty, Air & Water Pollution and Global Warming and Animal Exploitation. So let’s join our hands to empower the individuals/ NGOs who are working towards animal welfare and rights.

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