Vegan and Animal Cruelty-Free Products

Vegan and Animal Cruelty-Free Products

Credits: Maya Vishwakarma (Content Writer) 

Humankind is considered as dominant in the grand scheme of life on Earth. It is striking to see that the world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things. Yet, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of the plants, while livestock kept by humans abounds.

Meat has long been part of human diets, resulting in livestock farming. This has an adverse impact on the environment. More animals mean more crops are needed to feed them: the planet cannot feed both increasing human and farmed animal populations. Feeding grain to livestock increases global demand and drives up grain prices, making it harder for the world’s poor to feed themselves. Grain could instead be used to feed people, and water used to irrigate crops.

It’s been found out that even the very lowest impact meat and dairy products still cause much more environmental harm than the least sustainable vegetable and cereal growing. Meat and dairy provide just 18% of calories and 37% of protein; it uses the vast majority –83%– of farmland and produces 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The livestock sector is considered to be one of the largest sources of water pollution. Manure and slurry from cattle and other livestock contain high levels of nitrogen and phosphor. These elements can leach into groundwater and runoff to pollute lakes, killing the fish and endangering the health of other species. Ammonia is also given off and can cause acid rain.

At the production level, industrial livestock farming relies heavily on antibiotic use to accelerate weight gain and control infection. Ingestion of antibiotics in feeds has brought about concern for the development of resistant strains of organisms in host animals compromising animal as well as human health.

This trend will continue to contribute to global warming, pollution, deforestation, land degradation, water scarcity and species extinction.

When we look at the sheer numbers of animals raised, caught and killed for food, and the types of suffering endured by them, it’s a high call to prioritize the issue of farming animals and to focus on vegan food. Plant-based food and drink alternatives are available around the world. Getting your nutrients from plant foods allows more room in your diet for health-promoting options like whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables, which are packed full of beneficial fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Avoiding animal products is not just one of the simplest ways an individual can reduce the strain on food and other resources, it's the simplest way to take a stand against inefficient food systems which disproportionately affects the poorest people all over the world. Industrial livestock production is not just unsustainable; it's unjustifiable.

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